Sunday, July 23, 2017

hope rising {a fundraiser to finish 2017}

As July comes to a close, Ekubo Christian Academy is nearing the end of the 2nd term of school. August will complete the term and then we'll have a 1-month break and return for the final term in September.

So far this year you have:
  • partnered with mothers like Ruth so she would be able to send her children to school while she tends the garden to support them with their other needs.
  • enabled sons like Nsubuga to get an education so his father can see him do more than make bricks for a living like all his ancestors. 
  • provided the Gospel to daughters like Deborah so that she finds her identity in Christ and does not follow in her family's footsteps of brewing alcohol and selling her body to the men buying it so she can provide for her family. 
  • empowered grandfathers like Ssalongo to ensure his granddaughter gets an education so she can follow her dreams far beyond village life.
  • said yes to children like Abbas, whose dream is to be a pilot so he can fly big airplanes like he sees fly over the compound while he is taking his lunch. 
  • given courage to children like Gloria, who wants to be a nurse after seeing how much our clinic has helped her family in the last few years. 
  • invested in children like Bugembe, who wants to be a teacher because his teacher poured into him in the absence of his father, who has several wives and is not present in his life.
  • encouraged children like Kizza, who watches her mom struggle to get to the next city to sell produce and wants to one day own a motorcycle so the trip is easier for her. 
  • given hope to children like Catherine, who watched her mom lose her fight with HIV and wants to educate others about the disease. 
  • empowered children like Damalie and Walusimbi to not only see their potential but study hard to get through University - the firsts in their families to do so.

The stories are endless. You have given a life-changing opportunity to countless families. They have gone from watching their children survive to watching their children thrive at Ekubo Christian Academy. These children don't just learn for themselves. They learn English and Math and manners and hygiene and simple solutions to big problems and they take that home with them. What they learn is then demonstrated in their homes and before long not only are their siblings learning all these things, but their parents/caregivers are also.

Poverty is rooted in the lack of education. There's so much injustice in a country like Uganda. Without an education, a family knows that their children will not have the information they need to fight for themselves. They know that when someone is educated, they get justice. This is all they want for their children. And you, friends, are making their dreams come true. Hope is rising!

We need just $31,200 to finish out the year. Would you join us in providing an education and the hope that Christ gives to the future generation of Uganda?

Your support provides for the following students:
300 Primary School (Ekubo Christian Academy)
45 Secondary School (High School)
5 University

You can also set up a draft through your bank (online bill pay). Be sure to designate it for Education Fund and mail it to:

Ekubo Ministries
PO Box 2156
Alexander City, AL 35011

Ekubo Ministries is a 501(c)(3) organization which means your donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

We are excited at the chance to have these students' educations fully funded for the 2017 SCHOOL YEAR. This is huge! Please pray with us that God provides!

*** UPDATE: $5312 RAISED, $25,888 TO GO ***