Wednesday, August 10, 2016

34 for 34 :: George's Birthday Wish

Our birthdays are never about us. We always choose to celebrate them by doing something for someone else on that day. Even when we only had $200 a month in support for our family, for my birthday we took a pastor with us to the movies. It was his very first time in the theater. He held onto us like we were on a roller coaster because he literally thought people were going to jump from the screen – and that was after we convinced him they weren’t actually behind it in real life. When we finished we bought him a new pair of shoes – his first ever pair of dress shoes after taking him up and down the “moving ladder” – the escalator – for the first time. He was about 55 years old and he was so excited about his date that he called his mom right on the spot. Those were amazing times and it started a little tradition we have to always celebrate our lives on that day by inviting someone else in to share it.

this year we're dreaming big.

While our school is fully funded until the end of the year, Ekubo Children’s Home is not. George turns 34 on August 28th and just a couple days ago while brainstorming how we could raise the funds to even get caught up, it hit me that it’s August. The days are long here but the months seem to fly by. That night we went for a walk and I asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday this year. He said, “Babe, you know we always do something for others so I’d really love to get the Children’s Home is funded.” We talked about how much that would cost and then got sidetracked on some recent resettlements, how many children have come into our care, how many lives have been changed, how amazing the families are doing now days and also how much we’d love to make some changes to the programs to greater impact the families after the children are resettled.

We walked and talked and he brought up our friend in the village, Maama Nalutaya, who is such an example to the community in that she takes in any child that is in need. She will tell you quickly – she doesn’t have a lot but she has a home and a garden and heart to share with any child in need. She doesn’t have children from our foster home in her care. She has been fostering since long before her husband died and he’s been gone 21 years. Her friends and family call her from other villages when a child is in need and she goes to see how she can help. Sometimes she can and sometimes she can’t. But there are currently 10 children in her care – 10 that had no one left and she stepped up. She is not married. She said the children she gave birth to are grown and figuring out the world for themselves and she doesn’t care to get married again when the children now in her home need her to pour everything she has into them.

As we talked he said, “You know what? I wish we could build her a new home. The way she has given her life for those children – and they all live in such close quarters. That is what I wish I could do for my birthday.”

Friends, we are inviting you to dream BIG with us and GIVE toward our fundraiser –
that, as God would have it, allows us to do BOTH if we raise $34,000 for his 34th birthday. 

Please give whatever amount God leads you to.
If 1,000 of you gave just $34, here’s what we can do:

Ekubo Children’s Home: $22,000
  • this brings us up-to-date with funding AND covers operations through December
Maama Nalutaya’s New Home: $12,000
  • 3 bedrooms, living room, storage room, 2 indoor shower areas, and a new pit latrine outside

Tour their home with me and let's dream BIG about the difference we can make:

Once the children’s home is covered and we are HALFWAY funded with her new home, we will surprise her {hopefully the network will allow and I can do it via Facebook Live} and then building will begin!!! I will post pictures and videos of the progress as WE ALL BUILD IT TOGETHER – EXTREME MAKEOVER: BUGABO VILLAGE HOME EDITION! 

Help us make his birthday wish come true!

You can also mail us a check and we will receive 100% of your donation! Please let us know it's on the way so we can keep that in mind when sharing the updated total every day.

Ekubo Ministries
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Ekubo Ministries is a 501(c)(3) organization which means your donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

UPDATE :: FULLY FUNDED with $275 toward furnishing Maama Nalutaaya's new home!!!