Tuesday, July 5, 2016

glimpse at the bigger picture

We are excited to have Pastor Kasujja step into the leadership role after all of you pulled together to send Pastor Tinka {former leader} to University. Yesterday Pastor Kasujja came to meet with us and brought his wife and one-month-old baby. We were shocked by his wife’s appearance. They told us that it was a goiter and she was scheduled to have surgery on Wednesday in the army barracks in the next town over. We know those barracks. Long story short, no one we knew that went there came back. They were going because they didn't have money and services there are free. They're free alright and you pay with your life. George asked if it was ok if we took her somewhere we trusted to get a 2nd opinion. He told them that we would cover the costs if they would accept. They did. Cheerfully.

Today we took them to a hospital here in Kampala and met with a doctor we trust. She had an ultrasound and tests run. She did not have that at the barracks. They were just going to do surgery. Our doctor said that there may not even be a need for surgery and that had they done it, he is certain she would not have survived.

These are the things that trouble me deeply. People don't have money so they are not able to get the care they need. Many times the care that is affordable is also what takes their lives. When you don't have money you don't have a And I'm not bashing this place. It's like that at many places. Today her bill was right around $204. That's more than the average person in this country makes in 7 months or so. It's hard to wrap your minds around it, isn't it?

The need is so massive that it feels like we are not making a difference. But can I share with you the bigger picture? For God to align people to give financially so that the previous leader could attend University and for this one to meet the requirements to fill the job and for us to be available on a bright Monday morning to meet with him and his wife about this new position and for her to just so happen to have surgery scheduled on Wednesday - THIS IS NOT A COINCIDENCE. It blows me away how our yes - how our obedience {yours and ours} - impacts others and we have these glimpses into what that bigger picture looks like.

She was put on medication for 15 days. We return on the 20th to see if that is working and then we will discuss surgery if not. Please pray for her health. If you would like to chip in toward her bill of $204 for today, we would very much appreciate that help {designate to "where most needed"}.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for being part of their stories!