Thursday, April 14, 2016

do you believe in them?

I can build the buildings and hire the teachers and buy the books and supplies and have the uniforms made and all the daily logistics required to provide them a private, Christian education. Yes, I can do that but I can’t relate to their struggles. I grew up very privileged where my school was free. My parents never had to work for school fees and I never sat home because we couldn’t afford school. I rode the bus because my parents worked; I certainly didn’t walk 2 miles to school. We were poor in comparison to most of my peers and we ate peas and cornbread more than I wanted to but I didn’t get my only nutritious meals at school.

I can’t relate to them but my husband can. He has been where most of them are. He sees himself in them. He invests in them the way someone invested in him. He tries to guide them the way someone guided him. He sees the potential in them that someone saw in him. So, while I can’t relate to them and serve them in that way, he can. And he does.

Do you believe in them?


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