Thursday, April 21, 2016

hard to love

There are so many people we serve that are hard to love. The mom that says her children are a burden and they are better off with her drunken relatives. The father that beats their mother because she believes in Jesus. The young man who sleeps with several of the girls in the village, impregnating many of them and destroying their families, leaving us to pick up the pieces. The many "Christians" who come to church but think God is supposed to respond to them immediately and when He doesn't they go visit witch doctors for their needs. The young girl who tells her sister that her parents don't love her and her sister is now trying to find an escape/love in all the wrong places.

The stories are endless but if we're there to love we don't get to pick apart each one's sin to see if they are worthy of our love. It's one of the hardest things to do - to bend low and love these people that we'd rather avoid like the plague. His work is not easy. And we get it wrong more times than we get it right. But we show up. Day after day when we'd rather roll back over and cry. We show up because the world needs to know that we all fall short of the glory of God and that's is why He sent Jesus.


Thursday, April 14, 2016

do you believe in them?

I can build the buildings and hire the teachers and buy the books and supplies and have the uniforms made and all the daily logistics required to provide them a private, Christian education. Yes, I can do that but I can’t relate to their struggles. I grew up very privileged where my school was free. My parents never had to work for school fees and I never sat home because we couldn’t afford school. I rode the bus because my parents worked; I certainly didn’t walk 2 miles to school. We were poor in comparison to most of my peers and we ate peas and cornbread more than I wanted to but I didn’t get my only nutritious meals at school.

I can’t relate to them but my husband can. He has been where most of them are. He sees himself in them. He invests in them the way someone invested in him. He tries to guide them the way someone guided him. He sees the potential in them that someone saw in him. So, while I can’t relate to them and serve them in that way, he can. And he does.

Do you believe in them?


Wednesday, April 13, 2016

adjust your focus

The road is narrow and if you take your eyes off of Jesus for even a moment, the enemy swoops in and blurs your vision. Clean that lens, adjust your focus and keep walking. There's much work to be done for His Kingdom.


Saturday, April 9, 2016

what if we believed the Bible instead?

Many have been led to believe that if God loves us and wants to bless us, He won't let anything bad happen to us. This is completely opposite from the Bible. Completely opposite from life. Yet we listen to that and it torments us. But if God is for us, why are all these bad things happening? If God is for us, why did He allow this? We have listened to too many inspirational speakers and not enough of the Word. I don't want to be pumped up and inspired; I want to hear the truth. And the truth is that this world is evil. We have had horrific things happen to our family. National news stuff. Viral blog posts and people rising up to right wrongs. But no. We have chosen a path - giving God full control.

Jesus PROMISES we will have trouble. Shoot, He PROMISES. WE. WILL. BE. HATED. We see our daily lives right up against Scripture but we have yet to see our daily lives up against ANYTHING any inspirational speaker has ever said and surely not anything remotely close to our lives reflecting prosperity gospel "preachings". How can anyone relate to that when suffering exists in the world? I don't get it. What we CAN relate to is the Gospel. The hard stuff. The longing. The suffering. The death. The pain. But wait. That doesn't make us feel all warm and fuzzy so we choose not to believe the very thing that resembles our lives the most.

God crucified His ONLY son. Where's the prosperity in that? Where's the warm and fuzzy? If God chose to have His own son suffer, what makes us believe His plan would never be for us to suffer? His own son had to carry a cross yet we should never have too much to carry. You know, because He loves us so much. How twisted are our beliefs that we think we are better than Jesus? We whine and carry on about how we JUST.CAN.NOT.BELIEVE. sin, death, evil, pain or why did He do this/that?

What if we started believing the Bible instead? That while God DOES want to bless us that those blessings come on the other side of hardship and struggles and failures. He can resurrect ANY situation. So those blessings come through resurrection and obedience. What if we believed that instead?


Friday, April 1, 2016

life is not fair

Sometimes when they bring the babies to our gate I can't face them. Other times I go take their pictures so I never forget them. I was trying to find another picture and I saw this one. The ache will never ease when we have to turn babies away. It will never be fair to say we can't help. It's the very reason we're here. But we can only do so much until we are fully funded and being okay with that will just never happen.

Life is not fair. The only hope I have in times like these is remembering that of course life is not fair. If it were we would get what we deserve - we would pay the price of our sin.