Wednesday, March 23, 2016

evil doesn't win

2 months ago he died after his family came to his home and accused him of bewitching his brother 6 years ago. They yelled at him and wished him death right in front of his children. And the next day he died. His children saw it all and we were so afraid that in their grief and pain, they'd think evil won. We were so afraid his family would come for them and they'd have to grow up around such people. He loved his children and really struggled when their mother left them to be with another man. We thought for sure after his death she might come for them. And that would be good for them but her new husband mistreated them. After being dragged back and forth, they are still in our village, living with their step-mother and going to our school. They are being taught English and Math and Science, yes. But you know the most important thing they're learning? THAT EVIL DOESN'T WIN. THAT LOVE ALREADY WON.

Because of y'all. Because you love and support the work we're doing. Because you sponsor the school and buy tees and cupcakes. They know love because of y'all.

This is one of the last things he said to me:

“I was hesitant to enroll my children at your school. I couldn’t imagine a school in our village being best for them. At first I enrolled one child, which was my son, and he changed a lot. He learned how to speak English and he became bright - much more than his siblings that were at other schools far away. When I saw my son had changed I decided to move my daughter from where she was studying and brought her to Ekubo.” - Taata Ashiraf


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