Saturday, February 27, 2016

generations of unbelievers

when we ride by his house my heart recalls all the times we've asked his father to allow his sister and him to come to our school. we were promised and then they never showed up. for years we've been pulled in and pushed out. we've visited. we've prayed in their home. we've been attacked. we've helped in other areas. we've attended funerals of other family members that weren't allowed to come to our clinic because we're Christians. their family just can't get past the fact that their children will learn about Jesus. because that threatens everything they are being taught at home.

I look at the innocence in his face and the innocence in his sister's. in a few years that innocence will be gone. they each will have to make their own decisions. and the way things are now, it looks like another generation will be like the one before it. that generational sin will keep their children home and their families dying of preventable diseases because our ministry will remain standing firm in Jesus and they won't like it either.

but God. God can pull them close and change generations of unbelievers. He can humble all hearts - old and young. He can change it. we never will. it's not our job. we are just here to disciple them when He does. if He chooses. pray with us.


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