Sunday, January 17, 2016

dreaming big dreams for 2016...

her Maama sold her off to a guy that promised to pay her school fees if she married him. all she wanted was to go to school. when he started beating her she ran to the police. they called us and asked if we had room. we did. she came.

her Maama was sent away from home to go make money for her family. she worked at a doctor's home and was raped by his son. when she found out she was pregnant he refused to help and she was chased away from the home. she abandoned her and she was taken to police. they called us and asked if we had room. we did. she came.

their Maama locked them in a room and left them overnight while she went out to bars to drink and do karaoke. almost daily. a neighbor saw this and didn't want to get involved but after months of neglect, she did. the police came and took them to government officials. they called and asked if we had room. we did. they came.

her Maama took her and her brother to government officials because she was dying with AIDS. they also have HIV and she was on her way to the hospital where they told her she would not leave alive. the government officials called us and asked if we had room. we did. they came.

orphaned, abused, neglected, malnourished, abandoned, and/or otherwise vulnerable children are not little souls lost in a sea of statistics. they have faces. names. stories. little hearts that need shepherded. their families are crying out for help. they have been through hell and this is not America where there are services available for them to easily get help. they can't handle life even when they choose to want to make changes. so they dive further into their vices. they are crying out for help and as they cry, these little souls are hanging in the balance.

because of your support in 2015, so many of these families received counseling, the chance to earn a sustainable living and/or a chance to break free from the chains that bound them, and some of these sweet faces are no longer in our foster home but are in their own home.

as we move into 2016 we are dreaming big dreams and being bold. we are asking you to not only pray with us but join us by becoming a monthly sponsor. we need to get serious about our funding so it frees us up to serve to our fullest and also to accept referrals of children without first having to see if we have the funding.

right now Ekubo Children's Home is 15% funded and our rent is due. if God has moved you with what He is doing in and through us, join us!

you can also mail us a check or set us up for monthly donations through your bank's “bill pay” program. we receive 100% of your donation!

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