Tuesday, September 8, 2015

but she came

“We have had him for almost a year and have advertised several times. When we advertise, we do so through the government so we don’t share our organization details and risk the safety of the child. The newspaper said for anyone knowing him to come to the police. The grandmother showed up at the police and was told that he was safe and being cared for well. She told them to let her go to the restroom out back and then come give them her details so she could be reconnected with him. She never returned from the restroom. But she came. So we have no details. The police have no details. So now we are running an advertisement again to see if she can come back again.


Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Stormy flew home with me to help with the kids and revisit the country that stole her heart 4 years ago when she came to visit us. Since the beginning of our sponsorship program she has sponsored Gideon, a child of Kakooza, and we trekked up the mountain to their home yesterday. We just went to visit but were welcomed with celebration and then Kakooza shared with her his testimony about his arm. I moved here Dec 1, 2010 and a couple days into January he came to us asking for help. His neighbor planned to have him killed and take his land. Late one night some thugs the neighbor paid came to Kakooza's home and began slaughtering all his cows, goats, and chickens, hung him by his neck and arm from the beams that held the tin roof up on his mud home, and left him for dead. But God was not done with Elisha. His wife and children, whom he told to run and hide, waited until it was safe and then they went for help.

We partitioned our church and created a small room where their family lived. We took him to several doctors in Kampala and they told him he had a slim chance of ever regaining use of his arm because the nerves were so damaged. We worked closely with him over the next 6 months to hold accountable the people responsible, ensure his family felt safe on our property {the thugs kept returning to harm all of us and we had to hire security} and also get physical therapy for him. A couple years later he had slowly regained all use of his arm and fingers and, because of the programs we have in place to help families sustain themselves, he earned and saved enough money to not only rebuild their home, but it is a brick one. God has really blessed him and almost replaced every single animal the enemy slaughtered. He thanked us by giving us a turkey. It was such an humbling day. He asked that I thank those of you who support Ekubo Christian Academy where his children attend.

"I will never forget the time the thugs came to our home, slaughtered our animals, stole everything we owned, tore down our home, hung my husband and left him for dead. Thank you for treating him. We had no money and no hope to reach the big hospitals. If you were not there maybe by now my husband would be lame. Thank you so much for treating him well. By that time we had lost hope but you took care of our family. May the Almighty God reward you abundantly." - Maama Hope

“My children have learned to fear God. I have taught them about the Proverb which says the fear of God is the beginning of knowledge. I pray that before my children know anything that they fear God. After that I pray they get a good education so they can be well.” - Maama Hope

“We met in the Redeemed Church of Christ in Bombo. We have been in marriage for 22 years. Fearing God keeps our marriage strong. The advice we would give to newly married couples is to fear God and to trust each other. Above all you have to trust in God in everything you do. Also there is respect – the man has to respect the woman and the woman the man. And you have to trust in yourselves.”