Thursday, July 16, 2015

Maria & her Maama {5 years later}

these 2 are a testament to my faith. they'd been starved and left for dead. a 10lb, 2-year-old baby girl and her Maama. and God called me. ME. I was anything but prepared. I was an ill-equipped new Christian, only having decided to follow Him 7 months before. yet He called me. He called me as His daughter to not just go visit them. He called me to not just go sit with them and leave. He called me into the mess with them - into the hell they were living. He called me to take responsibility for them. the village was abuzz at how stupid I must be. at how lost a cause they were. at how deep in over her head the muzungu had gotten. but I turned a deaf ear and kept my eyes on Jesus.

for 5 years now they have been in our care. we have watched the hand of God reach down and pull them from the ashes. we have seen it. praise God for His faithfulness!

“Since the day you got me from where I was my life has changed a lot. You got me from a bad situation when my daughter was being starved and I was being abused. You built me a home and my daughter and I came into your care full time. Though I was not your responsibility you saw me as such and these days I’m feeling that I’m now someone. My health has changed. I have a shelter where I sleep very well and I eat very well. Though I still face some challenges with my epilepsy but the seizures are less frequent. I have hope that I will recover soon. On top of that I have gained energy and I can now dig in the garden, do housework, and many other things by myself. I am so independent. It was always a burden for me to depend on someone else and even then they neglected me. I have hope that my life will continue to change because I feel the people you have given me to help care for me are good people. I believe in Jesus Christ now. I would like to thank everyone who has helped me, most especially you and Master George. Maria is now growing, having education, medication, food, shelter and I feel that God has answered my prayers. Now everyone treats me differently. My family where you got me from now see me as a better person and everyone loves me.” – Maama Maria


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