Wednesday, July 1, 2015

I named him Christian

4 years and 3 months ago we received a call that our friend's wife had failed to give birth at the nearest clinic and they feared she would not make it to a hospital in the city. we jumped in the van and rushed down the bumpy roads some 6 miles away. it felt like forever. we pulled in and she was laid out in the parking lot writhing in pain. we got her in the van and rushed off to the city.

George turned on his hazard lights, laid on the horn so much I thought it might give out, made his own lane dead in the center of the road, and a drive that was usually well over an hour took like 45 minutes. we still have the crack across the windshield where a rock popped up and hit it that night.

at 3am a little boy was born and later on that morning we went back into the city to pick them from the hospital. I walked out of the ward with him and because he was so light and because George was walking beside me, everyone said as we walked by, "I can't believe she gave birth in a place like this." our friend and his wife had a good laugh. I got to carry him all the way home.

when we reached their home they asked a favor of me. it would be another week or so before he would get his Luganda name but they wanted me to give him his English name. but there was a twist. he had to be named after me. I chose Christian.

today I noticed his sister walk by and I wondered how he might look these days - whether or not I would recognize him. the next set of eyes I locked with I knew. it was him!!! my heart soared! I must have taken a picture of him a few days ago but didn't notice him among the others in that class. and I am glad God chose a special time away from all the other children to show me. He gives the best gifts. praise His name!


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