Thursday, December 6, 2012

gifts that give life

We want to encourage you to GIVE this holiday season. GIVE a gift that not only blesses the one receiving it but also blesses a family in Uganda, East Africa. Ekubo Ministries exists to provide sustainable jobs to the men and women we serve so that they can generate income to provide for their families. The worst thing you can do to someone trapped in poverty is something they can do for themselves. AID creates dependence while teaching and giving them a TRADE restores their dignity.

(photo courtesy of Carrie Chlebanowski)

(I took this one - feeling SO professional) 

(photo courtesy of David Parks) 

(all other photos above courtesy of Emily Melson)

We are inviting you to shop for gifts from us that GIVE. GIVE life. GIVE love. GIVE hope. PLEASE use your social media voice and share this blog post with all your friends.

We don't yet have a shop for our website, so please visit our Ekubo Ministries page on Facebook and shop here in our Uganda Paper Bead Jewelry album.  The purchasing details are in the caption of each picture.

Other handmade crafts such as wooden nativity sets, ornaments, wooden maps of Africa, baskets, head wraps, coin purses, sling bags, and wrap skirts can be found here in the Crafts album.