Monday, September 24, 2012

making disciples

Please soak in the following words from my sweet husband George and prayerfully consider getting involved with Ekubo Ministries and this humbling opportunity God has given us to advance His Kingdom.

"Yesterday I had a privilege to speak at a congregation of a new established ministry Church driven and orchestrated by God. I saw the Joy and celebration of the men and women worshipping the Lord in a community of about 30,000+ people. I saw the struggle, the pain, heart break and the sense of defeat in their eyes as they prayed with all their hearts. I was thanked a million times by the brethren in the Church because their Pastor is attending our Ekubo Ministries Discipleship and Training Program in our village. Friday and Saturday, 30 Pastors are going away for a retreat to pray and plan the future of this ministry. We have an audience we have to disciple of 60,000+ members of the different churches we are reaching now. The job is great, the work is overwhelming but we serve a big God. Please stand with us to bring salvation, deliverance and healing to the nations. Friends, God is working in lives of people because we chose to stand in the gap. Join us today to make this a reality."

Here's where YOU come in!!!  We need 30 people to step up and each sponsor a pastor for $50 to go to the retreat this weekend. PLEASE help us spread the word. $50 to pour into each man/woman which will in turn reach 60,000+ members??? That's DISCIPLE-MAKING, people. Jesus didn't suggest this. HE. COMMANDED. IT.

To sponsor a pastor, you can donate your $52 (to cover Paypal fees) by clicking "Donate Here" in the left hand column. 

PLEASE share this HUGE need!!!


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