Tuesday, September 25, 2012

making disciples - matching donor

Throughout the day, this blog post has been rolling around in my heart.  It's been my constant.  Praying.  Daydreaming about what an opportunity this is.  Praying some more.  Getting upset.  Getting mad.  Wondering WHY, when Jesus, Himself, COMMANDED us to make disciples, no one is stepping up knowing the deadline is tomorrow.  KNOWING that if it's His will, He'll provide.  Wondering how it can't be His will.  Praying some more.  Pouring my heart out to Him.  We just want what He wants.  We just want people to know Him.  Forget Christie.  Forget George.  Forget Ekubo Ministries.  If you get anything from His work through us, GET. HIM.  That's all.  Because He. Is. ALL. We. Need.  MORE than enough.

8:45pm.  Tuesday night.  Looking at the clock wondering what He's up to.  We HAVE to have this effort funded BY tomorrow to ensure the funds are transferred in time from Paypal so George can get to the bank on Friday and get the retreat paid for in time for the pastors to attend.  I see a sweet, familiar name pop up on chat.  I've never even chatted with him before but I spoke with his wife earlier.  He said, "Hello.  I know you spoke to my wife earlier but now it's my turn.  We talked it over and would like to match EACH sponsor you find for a pastor."  I think my heart hit the floor.  My silly, human response was:

wait!  EVERY pastor?

He cheerfully said, "Yes.  EVERY pastor."  Why, people, do we continue to doubt His power?  And I did it again.  I said:

so far we have 3 sponsored!!!  so we just need 27 more.  {as if I was "helping him out"}

And he cheerfully said, "Then you have 6 sponsored."  Gosh, and I did it again:

so you don't want to just match the remaining ones?

And, again, he cheerfully responded, "Let's make it each one."


We need YOUR help.  We have a family that will match the sponsorship of EACH pastor to the retreat.  Here's the story if you haven't already read it.  We have the opportunity to reach 60,000+ people.  Let's do what He commanded us to do.

If you can't donate toward this effort, could you PLEASE use your social media voice to share this link?


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  1. Okaaaay, so I've been saving up my "left over" money at the end of each week for a while now, that normally I would have blown on stuff I don't need. I've been putting that extra money in my Ekubo zipper pouch in my purse....for such a time as this. I've got enough to sponsor 2 pastors, which now turns into 2 more pastors!! Woohoo!! So I just have to get to the bank after work and deposit it and do paypal to send the funds!