Wednesday, September 26, 2012

making disciples - God provides

On Saturday night (George's early morning) we Skyped and we didn't have long to do so because he was getting ready to go preach the Gospel in a place he'd never been before.  When he returned, he. was. ecstatic.  He shared with me the opportunity we had to be part of and invite others to come alongside us and take 30 pastors, who preach in places where the Witchcraft is so prevalent that some have NEVER heard the Gospel, to a praying and planning retreat.  Our ministry has been holding discipleship training for many months now.  They come from miles and miles away and we always feel burdened that we can only offer them water from our borehole but never have the funds for meals.  George was so moved by what he witnessed on Sunday and he knew that we had to do something special for them.  And the sooner the better.  So he prayed about taking them on the retreat and even told them about it, which is something we never do because we never know if the funds will come in.  I'm tellin' y'all, the guy has crazy faith.  Some people in the village have called this "stubborn faith" :)  

So we shared the need and just yesterday a family stepped up to not only match one or two pastors to the retreat, but EACH of the pastors.  We set a goal of 30 pastors and...
wait for it.......

20 pastors were sponsored!!!

This is crazy.  This is amazing.  This is the work of our Father.  This is BEYOND what we could have imagined.  WHY do we even set goals anymore?  He. Knows. Each. Pastor. He. Wants. There.

Per my trusty, rusty calculations, when the family matches the 15 pastors of the original 30, we will have enough funds to send 35 pastors for spiritual refreshing, faithful planning, and much-needed time to just fellowship with other people who are called to preach the Gospel.

George has been busy today and didn't have time to check the status of the fundraiser.  We got together on Skype and I was able to share the news with him.  Only I didn't share the EXTRA news.  I asked, "What happens if more than 30 pastors are sponsored?"  And people, this NEVER happens.  God is so faithful to literally supply our "daily bread".  We set a goal and we never "fluff" the numbers.  Shoot, we don't even add in ATM fees or gas money that it takes to get to the bank which is 45 mins away.  None of that.  So what came next blew my socks off.

George said, "Well, the hotel has room for 5 more but that's all.  So we need to hurry and tell everyone so they don't continue donating."  

He was a little REALLY blown away to see that we had exactly 5 more sponsored.  We can NOT wait to share pictures of the retreat with you and we are humbled by the hearts of the ones who not only donated but the ones who shared the links and prayed like crazy for Him to provide.  These 35 pastors have the passion it takes to change this world and they're crazy excited to proclaim the Gospel.  The Good News.  Think about it - what good is the Gospel if we keep it to ourselves.  We encourage you to share it with someone today.  And continue praying for the potential 60,000 people in the bush where these pastors have their make-shift churches set up.  They know what Coke is but they have never heard the Gospel?  This is heartbreaking.  How has a company started in the US reached these people but the Gospel hasn't yet?  Get excited, folks.  This. Is. About. To. Get. Crazy.  For Jesus.  Because He is ALL they need.



  1. I'm crying! Praise the Lord, for HE is GOOD!

  2. WONDERFUL!!! And I can't get enough of the sweet smile in that first picture. Love!

  3. Wow, that is awesome. So happy for you guys!!!