Friday, June 22, 2012

He is the Healer

Michael's strength is overwhelming to my soul. They removed ALL the charred skin from his arm, stomach, side and back. It was shocking to see so much of my own skin color on him. He really enjoyed the Skittles, Starburst and Bubble Gum that Jennifer sent for us. We sent some food for them because the clinic has no cantina or anything so you have bring your own food or you don't eat. The only reason we took him to this particular clinic is because it was too late to take him elsewhere and we knew he needed fluids. Because they don't treat a lot of burn patients, they literally had no gauze or even vaseline. When we arrived they showed us a list of things they needed. We went to the nearest pharmacy but they didn't have any of the things we needed. We went to the next one. And the next one. Nothing. Wilson spotted Kiwola, our dear friend who serves our ministry as our boda boda driver, and hopped on with him to go check places we couldn't get to in our van. Nothing. We went to 4 more and even out to the main road but they didn't have what we needed. After an hour of searching, we headed back home. Thank God we had a little in one of our containers here. We gathered what we had and headed back to Bombo. His grandmother is staying with him while he's in the hospital, which leaves her children (ages 7-14) to care for themselves. Without her there, they have no food or means to get any. On our way out we stopped by their house and asked what they needed so we could be sure to buy it in Bombo and bring it back by on our way home.

I was already getting sick on our way there and after all the running around, I went ahead and got tested for Malaria when we went back. I left home with a 102.8 fever, yet when I arrived they said my temperature was "somehow fine" and the Malaria test was negative. Even still, she wanted to give me a shot for my fever, which she said I didn't have, as well as tabs for Malaria, which they also said I didn't have. I refused treatment and by the time we got back home, my fever had gone up to 103.4. I. Felt. Terrible. I came inside and fell asleep although it was Sunday night, our first "movie night" with our new projector. I missed it all. 

Lights. Out.

The next morning I couldn't get out of bed. George was in meetings for most of the morning but kept telling me that I was going to the hospital in Kampala. I couldn't sit up without feeling dizzy/sick, so I pleaded with him to just leave me alone for a while. In the meantime we learned that the clinic referred Michael to Mulago because they couldn't treat him any further. George felt better about taking him to a burn specialist in Mukono that he knows so the plan was to go to Bombo, pick Michael, take me to Kampala and have someone sit with me while he met with his brother, who'd drive from Mukono, to have him take Michael for us. When we arrived to get Michael, our nurse friends came out to the van to check on me. George asked them if there was anything they could do and they assured him that I did have Malaria but it was hiding. They also diagnosed me with Tonsillitis. I knew something was up with my tonsils because the whole side of my neck was double the size of the other. I came on home and George continued on to Mukono with Michael and his grandmother.

I am feeling much better but my concern is with Michael. And his grandmother. And the children left behind to care for themselves in her absence. His treatment is expected to last at least 3-4 weeks. We need the body of Christ to come alongside us and support this family. Each time we raise money for something, the first thing people want to know before they give is "how much?"  The simple yet complex answer is, well, we have no idea. Each situation is different. We've never had a burn patient before. But I know this - Jesus will specify the amount He wants someone to give. The need here is great and there are more than enough areas in which to use the excess.

There is so much going on right now. Just right now on my mind I'm thinking about the fact that we have a really sick person that needs medical attention NOW and George is going to take her to the hospital.  I would usually do it but 
because the roads are so bad from the torrential downpour today, George doesn't want me out this late in all the mess.  He left home at 7am this morning and has just returned 45 mins ago (it's 9:20pm). He's exhausted but we have to keep going. I'm thinking about Grace who is now stabilized but has a long way to go before she's well. I'm thinking about the fact that we just got a call yesterday that the government is coming to inspect our school and they expect to find suitable living conditions for our teachers, which we're in the process of building but ran out of money and my pleas for help have not been answered yet. And they also expect to find a school that educates 275 students having more than a latrine with 2 pit holes. They come in 5 days. 5. Days. The latrine is almost ready but needs bricks and cement so we can build a wall around it. 

My body is tired and my brain is fried. Some days I wish I could be like the other missionaries I know and drive behind our gate at night and close our lives off for the night. Just for the night. But we can't. Our home is right here where we serve. There's no fence around our property. No gate.  It's 9pm and my husband hasn't eaten dinner but there's no time. He is needed. We are always "on call". People bang on the doors in the middle of the night if they need us. And this is where He has us. We wouldn't have it any other way but we do get tired. Drained. Exhausted. 

Jesus is King and there's nothing we go through that is a surprise to Him. He is Lord and He is faithful to carry us. He is the Healer and we need Him now. We will serve Him until the end of our days, with joint pain, swollen lymph nodes, tears that sting as they roll down our cheeks because of the high fevers, and with headaches that sometimes make it hard to focus on Him. We. Need. Him.

Please prayerfully seek the Lord and ask if He is leading you to come alongside us.


  1. Father in Heaven, please put your loving arms around Christie and George as they serve the lowliest, the most needy, as they deal with urgent matters while ignoring their own needs. Father, heal Christie and let her feel your warmth and peace permeate through her body from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet. Bless little Josiah who is also a servant Father, sacrificing precious moments with mommy and daddy as they are in the "fire" and doing your work. Thank you for providing loving people in his life to add love and joy to his young life. We are praying and believing Holy God that YOU will direct their paths and that YOU will provide their needs. We love you. In Christ's precious name, Amen

  2. Jesus is very kind, pray and have hope.

  3. we pray for your health... we hope you will be okay soon...

  4. its a sad story... we pray for your recovery...