Saturday, April 19, 2014

the boy who said he'd never leave the village

I posted this picture on Facebook on January 9, 2012, and put the following caption with it:
"This morning, I watched a Muslim and a Christian pull out of our driveway on their way to University. And I cried, but not just because one of them is our son. I cried because God is about to wreck both their lives. Why? Because it's not just any University. It's a Christian University. This one young man grew up in a staunch Muslim home. He's about to learn about Jesus before he takes any other academic class. They took many things with them, including Bibles. Both of them. And they're rooming together. That Muslim and that Christian. Can't wait to see to watch God mold both them into His image. Please pray for them. I'm already missing my Zziwa."

His presence was missed in our home and around the village. Every chance he got he would show up at the door - so excited to see his family.  So excited to be back home. George was only going to Mukono (where the University is) every Monday and sometimes a day during the weekend and because of his unpredictable school schedule, it almost never worked out where George would be there to offer him a ride back home.  He would always show up on a boda, having taken a taxi for the hour-long drive which may or may not have included standing-still traffic, lots of road construction, and/or a 45-minute bumpy dirt road. A lot of times it would be nighttime. But he always had a smile.

Oh, every chance he got, he was home.  Kinda hard to stay away from his big brother duties.

A couple of days ago, he came home again but for a different reason.  He's finished with his classes. Finished. With classes at University. It was just yesterday that I took that picture of him leaving.  How has it been 2 years? It was just a week ago that I stepped off that plane and into his life.  It was just a week ago that we were joking about how he only knew a handful of English words so he "rotated them around to make sentences." How was that 3 years ago???  He has just finished classes at a Christian University where only English is taught.  And not just finished classes - HE. IS. GRADUATING. In July!!! With a Bachelor's Degree in Public Administration and Management.  Our oldest son who said, "I was born in the village, I will never leave the village, and I will die in the village."  He never thought he would step foot outside the village, let alone live in the city and GRADUATE FROM UNIVERSITY.  He is the FIRST child born in our village to graduate from university (George wasn't born there).  This has happened right before our eyes but we're all in shock.  We're walking around in a daze because of the other stuff going on but we're not the only ones.  He just can't believe it either.  I can't even talk about it with him - I just cry.  It was just the other day when this photo was taken - just weeks before he left for school.

HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD?  How humbled we are that some of you stepped up to sponsor him.  This boy who said he'd never make it out of the village.  How humbled we are that you chose to love him and support him and pray for him through school.  We are SO incredibly thankful.  He wanted to go to school with a simple goal in mind - to work alongside us in ministry.  In just a few months he will hold a degree. He could have any job yet he wants to work with us.  No words.  Please continue to pray as George mentors him to be a leader for Ekubo Ministries.

Isma, the boy in the picture with him, will resume classes next month and will be finishing his FINAL semester!  So excited for him as well!!  Please prayerfully consider partnering with us to have his tuition covered ($800).  He will then graduate in September!  Another University student, Anthony, will resume classes next month but has a few more semesters to go before graduating.  His tuition is also $800.  Please help give them an opportunity they will tell you they never imagined having - the opportunity for a degree from University.  You can chip in toward their tuitions by giving your gift to the "General Fund" (upper left-hand column) and put "University tuition" in the notes.


Saturday, April 12, 2014

entering into the mess and finding solutions {Ekubo Children's Home}

Pouring over paperwork for the newest children brought into Ekubo Children's Home. Such horrific circumstances. Such trauma that these children have to endure at an age where they know what is going on. They are quiet at first but when they know they are safe, they start to talk. I do not want to hear these stories. I want them all to be babies where I can only imagine. When they are older, they know. And they flat out tell the truth. Their stories are painful. They touch deep down in my heart and I have no immediate solutions without funding to act. Our newest little girl - my goodness. Her mother was chased away from their village after her grandson died in her care. It was such chaos for the mother that she left her children behind. Another organization got some of the children and we got the 4-year-old little girl. The file shows that her oldest daughter burned her house down. She must have been the mother of the baby who died. But she burned the house down with her siblings inside. Such rage. Such anger. And oftentimes, because the cause of death is unknown, they think Witchcraft was involved when the truth could be Malaria. Or pneumonia. Anything. So much confusion. It looks so simple from the outside but so complex when so many lives are affected and so many lies are believed. And our social workers are amazing at entering into the mess and finding solutions. But we need funds to continue. While we love and nurture these children as if they were our own, in the case of this little girl and her siblings, their mother is out there somewhere. I live this daily. I love these children but they don't belong with us. We are just a temporary safe haven. These children need to be in their families - wherever that might be. We have resettled 14 so far this year and if you would go go a step further and join us by becoming a monthly sponsor of the home, we can continue immediately. If you can't help monthly, how about a one-time gift? Something. Anything. Please.


Sunday, March 30, 2014

25k in 25 days fundraiser {final push}

On Monday they welcomed me with open arms and songs and lots of hand holding and fighting to walk beside me. It is so incredibly good to be back home! As I made my way around each classroom to greet them, I took some pictures to include in this update for our $25k in 25 days fundraiser. I wanted y'all to see the sweet children you are praying for and helping to receive a Christian education. But something happened when I looked through the lens at some of the children I got single shots of. I didn't see them. You see, no matter how much they grow, my heart will always go back to that first picture I took of them 4 years ago.

Forever etched in my brain. They knew no English, not even enough to understand, "Ok, you stand here while I take your snap." I knew no Luganda, not even enough to say the same. Today we can walk around and talk about most anything. I am thankful. Thankful that the God of the Universe would move me 7,900 miles from my comfort zone and into the lives of each person I get the humble opportunity to serve. That He would choose me is not taken for granted. 

Please join us in meeting our goal for our fundraiser. We have raised $3400 so far!!! We have 2 days left to raise as much as possible and a sweet family will match every single penny. If we meet the goal of $25,000, they will match it giving us $50,000 toward the operational costs of running our school. Brothers and sisters, $50,000 will provide a Christian education for ALL 320 students for 6 months!!! We are so excited about this opportunity! Please join us in the final push to spread the word!!! 


Friday, March 7, 2014

Ekubo Christian Academy {25k in 25 days}

In 2010 as God directed our steps to start a ministry in our village, the vision we had was to live out the Gospel in community with the families, forge relationships with them, and provide a Christian education for as many children as we had room for in our school as we worked with the families to see how we could provide job opportunities for them. In turn, they would become self-sustainable and be able to pay their children's school fees. The plan to get there was simple; we would connect each child with a sponsor and that sponsor would financially support them until their family was able to. Unfortunately that worked out perfectly on paper but played out completely opposite. For 3 years now we have yet to have a year when our school has operated with all the funds needed. We have been praying diligently for an opportunity that would allow our school to be fully funded so we could direct our fundraising efforts toward some of the other things on our faith list - a bus we can use to generate income or a bakery that will be used to provide jobs, food for our school, and food for selling.

Ekubo Christian Academy now has the capacity for 320 students. The parents are asked to contribute to their children's educations by supplying small amounts of firewood, maize, or whatever they grow or have access to that meets a need at our school. This serves two purposes - to push the ownership of the children's educations back to the families and to help us keep the sponsorship amounts around $300/child. We made some much-needed changes to our program and now your financial gift will cover all the children, not just one. Go here to read more about it. Our faithful supporters were excited about the changes and we picked up some new sponsors in the process. The operational expenses for our school are $96,000 and while we haven't heard back from all of last year's sponsors as to whether or not they will be renewing this year, we have raised the $16,000 needed to cover through the end of last month. So for the 7 days of this month we have gone backwards - the school continues to run but no funds are coming in. Just when we were beginning to feel defeated, God whispered, "I am not silent. I am working."

Friends, when we feel God is silent - He's not. He is moving mountains that we don't see. Some we never knew were there. Oh, when we feel He is silent it just means we are not to the point in our journey that He is revealing His plans to us. Brothers and sisters, be courageous! He is our Hope. Let's walk boldly on the path He has set out before us, even if we can't see where our next step is. For that silence may be Him preparing hearts to join us on this journey.

And that was exactly what He was doing. A couple of nights ago I was catching up on emails when I got a message from a sweet family.

They have generously offered to match all donations up to
 $25,000 through March 31st!!!

We are beyond excited that God is using them to build our faith and answer our prayer. We invite you to help us. If we can raise $25,000 in 25 days, they will match it and we will have $50,000 toward our goal of having the school fully funded.

How can you help?

PRAY that hearts are moved to help us and that God pours out His blessings in and through each one of them.

GIVE sacrificially to help us. God has already made provisions to have every dollar matched. You can give your tax-deductible gift through Visiting Orphans. We encourage you to send a check as there is a 5% fee for credit card donations. A check would enable your entire gift to be matched and applied directly to the need. Please make checks payable to Visiting Orphans, put Ekubo Christian Academy in the notes and send to:

Visiting Orphans
449 Metroplex Drive
Nashville, TN 37211

If a check is not an option for you, please click here to give your tax-deductible gift online through Visiting Orphans. You will need to select General, then team member or ministry name and enter Ekubo Christian Academy. Be sure your form looks like this:

SHARE this amazing opportunity. Talk with your family. Your friends. Your small group. Your faith family at church. Share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any other social media sites you use. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get the latest updates that you can use to share with everyone you have encouraged to give. Watch with us as God brings His body together to fill this need and restore our faith in Him!



Sunday, February 23, 2014

Ekubo Christian Academy {new year, new vision}

The 2014 school year has started and we are excited about some changes we've made to our sponsorship program. Last year 167/300 of the students at Ekubo Christian Academy were never fully sponsored. Some were covered for a month, some for 3 months, but the majority never received support past 6 months. Times are tough and money is tight. No one understands that better than us. We know what it's like to be down to one meal a day. We do. But something had to give. It became very time consuming to figure out which child needed what amount and running into classrooms to take an updated picture to try to find a new sponsor only for another month of support to come and be back in the same boat the next month. One class only had 8/34 students that received full support. It is impossible to pay a teacher when only 8 of his/her students' tuitions come in. This story played out in each classroom and all the students in some classes should have been sent home after 6 months. But we couldn't.

This school - this precious opportunity to run a private, Christian school was not our idea. It was His. Such a gift. We had to make some changes. After much prayer and guidance we moved the program from sponsoring a student to supporting the school as a whole. We knew this was the right decision for our school but were anxious about how it would be received. I am in tears after the response today. Last year's sponsors are excited about the opportunity to have their sponsorship gift cover all the children in the school so that no child is sent home. Sponsorships are $300/year or $25/month and one sweet friend from last year had squeezed and squeezed her budget and just absolutely couldn't give the entire $300 but could give a one-time of $200. The very moment I assured her that this is the EXACT reason we changed the program - so that ANY amount will be put in a pool for all - the next sponsor that responded gave an ADDITIONAL $100. And BAM! Just like that, the need was met. Y'all, Jesus is at work. 

Our sponsorship program is open and we need your support. $300/year if you are able to give the full amount now (you can do so there in the left-hand column - the Ekubo Christian Academy Sponsorship button). If you are able to give $25 or $50 or $150, as I explained above, that will go into the same fund so that all children are covered.

We do have a $25/month option but are moving to a new payment processor that we hope will be in place next week. Please pray about joining us in education the next generation. Thank you for standing with us and encouraging us along the way.


Friday, January 3, 2014

anniversary with our Savior

4 years ago today, y'all. 4 years ago I turned from myself and gave my life to Jesus. Almost immediately I felt Him call me to GO. Go where? I had no idea. Besides, wasn't this supposed to happen after I knew the Bible backwards and forwards? No? OK, then how do I begin? My new church told me I had to take classes to go on a one week mission trip. All of my new Facebook friends were going through a mission-sending agency so I applied. And bam. Denied. I didn't have a reference letter from my pastor. My pastor? I was new to this whole church thing. I explained that and was told, "maybe next year." I struggled for a couple months but it seemed like a lifetime. Long days. Sleepless nights. No matter where I turned, someone wanted something in order for me to serve. Surely He wouldn't have all these prerequisites. I heard Him loud and clear. He. Said. Go. Those doors He closed? They were heartbreaking. But that door to Uganda and to meet my future husband was more than I could have asked for. A door into a family He created just for us was worth every step to get there. And still is.

This last year has tested my faith more than any other. So much trauma to my heart. So much loss. Losing children. Losing a mother. And even today as we receive news that my grandmother, who was scheduled for surgery to fix a broken hip, is not expected to be with us much longer as her organs have started to fail, I wonder how much more my heart can take. He promises so much, you know? And when we're in the light, we feel His promises. His faithfulness. We think He's good. No one ever questions God when they're in the light. But then the trials come. The darkness. The attacks. Where has He gone? We struggle. We "find" Him, as if He ever left. We cling to Him. And while we can't pretend to know why, He has us there. During our struggles, we cry out to Him. We think something's changed about Him. That He's no longer quite so good to allow this. "How could you do this? Why is this happening?" Everyone's questions are different but they're all the same. We're questioning the One who doesn't owe us an explanation. May we not forget those promises in the darkness. Praising a God who never changes for the better. And to be in a relationship with Him requires so much from us. It requires us to put ourselves on the alter. To pour ourselves out and have Him refill us with more of Himself. That ain't for the weak, y'all. The Gospel. It's powerful. But it's no good if we keep it to ourselves. I want to encourage each of you to share it with someone today. You never know when you will be that ONE person in their lives that took time to tell them of a Savior Who gave it all so that they could gain an Eternity. Follow after Him. All you need, He will give. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life!


Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 year-end giving {a different countdown}

Forget the Times Square ball drop. We're watching the real New Year's Eve countdown right here. When we started this fundraiser, we needed $18k to finish the year. I struggled for weeks to even share the need. God pressed. I shared. Yesterday we asked that if the 2,072 people that like our Facebook page gave just $7.20 this need would be met. Done. Finished. And He has been faithful to bring it in ever so slowly and I am thankful. $7.20, $14.40, $21.60. The power of His body. Giving what they can. From people who started this journey with me 4 years ago and us as a ministry 3.5 years ago. Never given before and now God is moving in them. From people that just found out about what God is doing in and through us. A testimony. Of His people. The stories pouring in about how He moved each of you. The messages on donations.

We need to go back to the basics. This last year has worn us down. Depleted us. I am a go big or go home, I want to see him bring down the house, blazing trails, you name it kinda girl. Our ministry hit the ground running 3 years ago and He provided too quickly for our human minds to wrap our heads around. We underestimated how we'd be used. Don't we all? We don't know His power. We were not prepared for His goodness. This is His ministry. He has just been gracious enough to allow us to do the ground work. Not needed. No, we're not needed. But we are humbled to work with Him. 

Prayerfully consider joining us in ministry. How do you do that? Pray. Prayers alone have sustained us. We have been put through some serious trials that started back in June of last year but by the Grace of God, we are here.  And your prayers.  We can't share just yet what He's used your prayers to do but soon. Soon, brothers and sisters. Share. Share the need. Give. Give where you can. Shop. Shop in our online store ( Support. Support us in other ways. When you're on the ground and fighting battles no one would believe, sweet words from the Body of Christ are like gas for the soul. Gas that is needed to reignite that fire that satan has tried to put out. 

Y'all.  Just 2 weeks ago we had a huge need.  A need that I didn't want to share.  I was already too defeated looking at the date, the time we had left and the amount of money needed.  2 weeks from the end of the year was just cutting it too close.  I've seen God do things this year that still leave me speechless but this - this would take too much out of me.  This fundraising thing.  Too much.  I wanted to remain comfortable.  The whole idea just took my breath.  But. BUT, He Who gives us breath? This is His ministry. We are just humbled to be used. We get to join Him. See His heart. Listen to Him. Be drawn closer. But Jesus.  Oh, we just have to trust Him.  It's all He asks.  He moves hearts.  Not us.  His hand is not too short.  We need to trust.  So I did.  And y'all REFUSE to stand idle and let us carry this burden alone. That's Christ. Thank you for allowing Him to use you. People tell us all the time that they wish they could come over and make a difference. What they don't realize is that when they pray, or give, or encourage, they ARE making a difference. Furthering His Kingdom requires different things from different people. Do something. Anything. Just do something.

God had brought in a little over $5000 by the time I went to bed.  We needed just a little less than $13,000 left to raise and 2 full days left to do it.  I know the numbers.  And people say, "I know the odds."  I know what they mean.  But brothers and sisters, we serve a God that could just smash that total.  Done.  Need filled.  But we get to be used by Him even in fundraising.  Our faith is grown as we trust every penny. 

This morning I got a message from a family with a blank check that is matching donations up to $5000!!!  

Y'all have been steadily giving throughout the day and every penny has been matched.  As it stands now, we just need $11,945.  The other day we we asked that if the 2,072 people that liked our FB page gave just $7.20 this need would be met. Done. Finished. And He has been faithful to bring it in ever so slowly and I am thankful. $7.20, $14.40, $21.60. The power of His body. Giving what they can. For those of you that think your donation won't put a dent in the need, did you even read what God has done in just a few days? We had a need of $18k and He is knocking it out! Chip in. DOUBLE. YOUR. DONATION. Help spread the word.


EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! God did it! He. Did. It. Fully funded! By His grace alone. By our faith alone. We pray you don't see us. Just Him. PRAISE. HIS. NAME. 2014, we are Ekubo Ministries. It's nice to meet you. We are reporting for work. His work. Now let us link arms and work together for His glory.


Saturday, August 3, 2013

faith list - 2013

George and I compiled a list of things we are asking you to prayerfully consider joining us in raising funds for, and created what George has termed our “Faith List”. For the last 3 years we have depended solely on donations but the heart of Ekubo Ministries is to become self-sustainable. That being said, this year we have 2 lists – one for needs and one for items that will generate income.

I have but one job and that is to make the needs here known to you. God's job is to stir the hearts and bring His people to help. Pray with us for these needs that we are putting on the alter and believing He will provide.

Immediate Needs:

Operational expenses for Ekubo Children's Home – $5000/month 
{food, supplies, salaries of caregivers, nurse, social worker, security guard}
{3rd donate button in left-hand column}
Sponsorship program – $300/year per child {click here to sponsor}
{56 kids have been in school since Jan without sponsors}

Equipment for make-shift lab at clinic – $4,000

Operational/Administrative expenses for Ekubo Ministries NGO – $5000/month 
{transportation, electricity, legal fees, licenses, internet, supplies, security guard, and salaries}

Borehole - $4,000   FULLY FUNDED!!!
{borehole is $8,000 but half has already been raised by some team members that visited last year} 
  • Click here to donate
  • Select "General"
  • Select "Team member or ministry name"
  • Enter "Borehole for Bugabo" – you have to type this in the field or it will not be given to us
  • Complete the remaining required donor information
  • Donations are tax-deductible

Monthly sponsors for our family – any amount per month  
{2nd donate button in left-hand column}

Doctor’s Vehicle + Gas (4x4 SUV) – $10,000
{He has been serving for little to no pay for 2.5 years but his vehicle is worn out. We need to buy him 
vehicle so he can continue serving. He serves 3 days/week.}  

Short-term Needs (need by the end of the year):

Roof for “The Cross” Hospital – $35,000

Vehicle for Ekubo Children’s Home (4x4 Van) – $12,000

Discipleship and Leadership Training (10-month program) – $64,000/year 
  • $75/month to sponsor a pastor 
  • $25/month for trainers’ salaries 
Latrines (2 toilets & 1 shower area) – $400 each 
{these are for families we serve and our goal is 50}


Baby Home – $60,000

Building a complete primary school – $150,000 
{right now classes are scattered among the compound with 2 of those classes meeting in the church that is needed several days of the week and another class is meeting under a tarp}

Sustainable/income-generating items:

Bakery  $20,000 
{provide jobs, food for school, and food for selling} 

Coaster (29-passenger bus + insurance) – $38,000 

{year model we looked at recently}

Cows, goats, and chickens for sustainable livelihood – (prices vary) 

Maize Mill – $40,000 
{provides income to community & food security}

Guest House – $70,000

***List is in order of priority. We encourage you to take this list to the alter and if God is stirring your heart to help and/or encourage your friends/small group/church to raise funds for a specific need, please note that on your gift. If further details are needed on an item, please contact us so we can help you in your fundraising efforts. Donations will go "where most needed" unless someone wants to completely fund a project. That way, we don't have $1000 sitting in the bank to fund a need in which $35,000 is needed. If you wish to donate toward the greatest need, your gift will be allocated to the item at the top of the list.  As needs are met, I will immediately update this list.

If you would rather send a check for your gift, please address it to Ekubo Ministries, put "Faith List" in the memo field, and send it to:
Ekubo Ministries
PO Box 2156
Alexander City, AL 35011

Ekubo Ministries Vision
from BB Media on Vimeo.


Friday, August 2, 2013

use me

Every time I get a message/email from a couple/family feeling called to serve but knowing they need to first raise the support before they will commit, I get to share His story for me. I arrived at the airport that December morning with $600 to my name. Sure, I'd sold everything I owned but that money went to build a new school and a handful of other things before I arrived. So $600. I got to the ticket counter and my travel agent had told me that 2 extra bags would be free. They weren't. $400 for those. Entered Uganda with $200 and spent $50 on a visa. I walked out of the airport with $150 to my name and a $100/month sponsor but that didn't start for another month. 2.5 years later and we still don't have enough monthly support for our family.  But you know what?  God has provided for each NEED. And NEED is the key word. For example: clean water IS a need but running water is NOT.  When I left America, I put myself on the alter. I asked of Him ONE thing: USE ME. That's all. Not use me if I have a year's worth of support raised. Not use me if I can have 3 meals a day. Not use me if I have a home built when I arrive. Not use me if I can have a shower every day. Not use me if things will be easy. Not use me if we have the money for every situation you put in front of us. Not use me if everyone supports what we're doing. ONE thing: USE ME.

And He asks ONE thing of us: to have faith in Him. Let's not keep limiting His resources to IF we raise enough support or IF it will be easy for us/our children or IF we have some of the comforts of America. Let's OBEY and watch Him provide for our NEEDS. Those will look different from His eyes but we have to trust Him.


Monday, July 8, 2013

30 in 30

At least once a day I get a message that starts like this..."God has been speaking to our family to do more. We are stretched right now financially but when funds free up, we will help." We get it. Hey, we're right there with you. We could take in more children, open programs we've had to close, reopen the clinic, etc., but we lack funds, too. We get it. We really do. So I encourage everyone to spread the word. It doesn't cost you anything but your time. And that's invaluable. 2 weeks ago our friends, the Cantrells (they adopted from Uganda and visited us twice) asked for people to come alongside us and sponsor our family. She also has a family that has stepped forward to give an additional $2000 if the 30 sponsors in 30 days goal is met!!!  In 2 weeks, 7 people have already joined.  AMAZING.

What if each of you did this and God moved JUST ONE family to support us? You really have no idea the impact it would make. Let's. Do. This.

Copy and paste THIS and join her in advocating for monthly support for our family!

$1 a day! Can you spare $1 a day? Ekubo Ministries is a ministry we love in Uganda and they are in desperate need of the church to rise up. Christie boarded a plane in Alabama in 2010 and landed in a foreign land - a place she would move at the end of that year. She met and married her husband George, a Ugandan, and together they run a ministry that serves in 3 different districts but serve 3000 in their village alone. They have 14 children and 24 foster children. They have no formal support from a church or mission sending organization. This is where we come in. We are trying to get 30 people to give $30 a month continuously in the next 15 days. Food, medicine, providing clean water, orphan care (and more importantly preventing orphans), education, and the list goes on and on. Sharing Jesus to Bugabo Village is where your money would go. How do you make a difference?” THIS!! This is how. If we meet our goal of 30 people giving $30 a month in 30 days an anonymous donor will give an additional $2000. So in 15 days with your help they could have $2900 with a continued amount of $900 a month coming in. PLEASE consider this. Do it as a family, spread it out within your office, call upon your church/small group, and/or do it in honor or memory of someone. You will be blessed. 

Want to join our family in serving Him?  Just enter your monthly commitment under the "Sponsor our Family" in the left-hand column.

*UPDATE - 15 sponsors as of July 13th!!!


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ekubo Children's Home {immediate needs}

The last thing I prayed last night as the tears hit the pillow is that He will provide for the 18 foster children we already have. When these children come into our care, their stories have to be investigated immediately to have the best chance to resettle them into their families. That requires money to go out into these villages and talk to home after home after home to see if we can find leads. They can't just "live with us" so we also have to process paperwork for them to become our foster children, which shows the government that we are responsible for them.  This costs money as well.  We have to provide their every need until we either resettle them, find a family for them in Uganda, or find them a family via international adoption. We stepped out in faith and wanted to be their only option - set apart from an "orphanage" where they'd be taken and allowed to live stacked on top of other children and living in squalor while the "orphanage" sought donations to "help" them. This happens so much in Uganda but the government is finally seeing this and doing something about it. As I cried out to God about the 18, He was working. And it was opposite of what I thought His immediate answer would be.

I woke up to news that they are shutting an "orphanage" in Nakasongola and bringing us 15 children from there. And 2 more whose stories we know already - an abandonment case and one double orphan. I just cried. We are not prepared. We have a building but no funds to provide for the ones we have, much less more. We have borrowed money on top of borrowing more. If this is God's plan, we should NOT have to borrow money. I am broken enough already over this and then He's sending more? We need help. Brothers and sisters, we need some of you to commit to join us in caring for these abandoned, orphaned and/or vulnerable children. James 1:27 says "to care for" which means to meet them where they are and provide for them. PROVIDE. We need you to join us in PROVIDING. This is not a suggestion from Jesus. He. Commands. Us.  

Please don't continue to read about our struggles and go on to the next blog post and/or Facebook status update. Please pray. Commit to $5 a month. $10. $25 if you have it. I live there. I know the lives affected by your commitment. There's a button on our blog (Support Ekubo Children's Home (Enter Monthly Amount):" where you can enter the monthly amount God moves you to donate toward their care.

We also have crafts available for purchase made right in our village.  We don't yet have a shop for our website, so please visit our Ekubo Ministries page on Facebook and shop here in our Ugandan Paper Bead Jewelry & Crafts album.  The purchasing details are in the caption of each picture.

{Our son Badru breakin' it down at the Children's Home. Love to see 
our children serving alongside us. Such joy in this room!}

{Pray for these feet. Pray that we find out where they've been and are used by Him to 
find out where they're going. These are some of the ones you pray for when you pray
for the children at Ekubo Children's Home.}

Storm the gates with us asking for His provision.  Please join us and please share this need.

UPDATE (Mon, April 22nd):
The sun has just risen in Uganda and George has a crazy day ahead of him. He's going to the "orphanage" that's being shut down and where over 70-something children are living in squalor. It's being closed because they were given 3 years to register and they've failed to. But what they haven't failed to do is get support from Westerners. Funds flowing in that are being pocketed while the children starve. Children living there for AT LEAST one year without an exit plan (resettling with family/community, fostering/adoption within Uganda, or International Adoption). Some have been there for 3 years. 3 years of time lost on finding their families. 3 years of time lost tracing their stories. Working their cases IMMEDIATELY after they are placed in foster care is critical to gathering as much info as possible. 70-something children. We are being asked to take in 15 of these children. They will arrive with the clothes on their backs. We have no food, beds, mattresses, sheets, soap, cooking oil, charcoal, etc to meet their needs. We have a Children's Home but we need support for the ones we have as well as these new ones. Become a monthly sponsor. What amount? Ask God. I know from experience that He will tell you the exact amount He wants you to give. $5, $20, $50, or more. This is James 1:27, brothers and sisters. We need the Church to step up. Can you share this link and help us reach them?


Monday, February 4, 2013

Ekubo Children's Home {update}

We've been so consumed in gearing up for another year of ministry that I haven't found time to update everyone on the progress of Ekubo Children's Home.

The only words I can come up with are praises to Jesus for His provision, which includes a team of builders with AMAZING work ethic.

{feet that are enjoying a safe place to run and play while we work to find her a family}

{view of the administrative building from the end of our driveway}

{LOVE how the terrazzo floor turned out}

{septic system}