Saturday, September 12, 2015


on Monday classes resumed for the last term of the school year in schools across Uganda. we would have only been able to reopen our school had we met our goal for our $31k in 31 days fundraiser. and that would have only brought us up to date. we would have already been 8 days into September. 8 days into another month for which we had no funding. but at least we would have been caught up. at least there would have been that hope for the remaining months.

in June I came back here to really seek God's face. if He was calling us to something different, it was time to tell me. I prayed for Him to show me why we continue to run months behind in funding. why was He continuing to ask us to do this knowing His responsibility is the financial part? I am just here to share the need. I answered His call. I came here on my own - no church or missions sending agency sent me nor is paying for me to be here. I am here by His grace. we are here doing His work, not ours. we are not here because we want to be. we are here because He commands. I can't explain it to anyone that is not desperately striving to die to self daily and serve Him. it makes no sense to someone looking from the outside. but if you know, you know. that is where we are. don't get me wrong - we love to serve but the sacrifice is hard. and I know we're not supposed to count the cost. but, flesh.

we had 2 options on Monday. we could have gone to school and sent the children home or we could continue and let God provide along the way. God reminded me that He provided over half and that goals aren't reached for a reason. instead of focusing on what His job is, I needed to focus on mine. His is the funding. we need it to continue but I'm busy looking at that instead of the children. when my focus shifts from what is needed to serve them and I actually see THEM, my role is clear. their story is not sitting home like over half our school was doing when I moved here. so we started school back on Monday. and we pray that you will continue to support us. we can not do anything apart from His grace and those of you that He calls to partner with us in educating these beautiful souls.


Thursday, August 6, 2015

$31k in 31 days {back-to-school}

As children here in the US get ready to return to school, in Uganda we are finishing up exams and preparing to break for one month of holiday before beginning the last term of the school year. We have a lot of catching up to do before we can reopen on the 7th of next month. We have moved from a one-to-one model where each child has a specific sponsor to where all money given to our sponsorship program covers our school as a whole and provides for all 350 students. This has made a huge impact in our community. Now families are no longer fighting amongst themselves because one's child was sponsored and the other's wasn't. It has brought back a sense of community - we all trust God to provide for all or none.

To operate the most efficiently, our program would be funded several months in advance. This would allow us to buy so many things in bulk which saves a lot of money. We have not had that opportunity yet this year. Each month we need to have 29 students sponsored at the beginning of each month to even operate. That has also not happened this year. But faith. We stepped out in faith to start and trusted that God would help us along the way. We have run behind since we started in January and it has made for many sleepless nights. We built this school from the ground up. We have put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into this. We have worked tirelessly to mold our program in a way that may not be what sponsors are used to {the one-to-one model where the sponsor chooses a child} but is what works best for the children, families, teachers, staff and community as a whole, have excellent teachers, a nurse, and parents that contribute to their children's educations. But when funding is not there it is hard. 

We need a strong push. We need every single one of you to use the gifts you have to help. 

Do you make things and sell them? Could you commit to giving us a percentage of your sales?

Get your children involved. Do they make a mean batch of lemonade or cupcakes they can sell? 

Have a birthday coming up? Ask your family and friends to donate to us to celebrate you! Last year our friend did that and some of her friends not only gave $1 for each year she was celebrating but they got introduced to our ministry and support us! 

Do you love to host parties? We can send you some of our jewelry and you can share about our ministry and have people buy a piece to support the women we serve!

Are you running in an upcoming marathon? Have your family and friends donate a specific amount per mile or minute.

Get creative. I promise you there is something you can do to help. Even keeping an active presence on social media, sharing our posts and encouraging your friends to follow our journey is a great way to support us!!

As of now hundreds of you have given and collectively we have 128 of the 350 covered. Financially we are operating in the middle of May. We are 2.5 months behind. We need 104 more sponsored by the end of this month to open for the last term. We can then start September operating day-to-day. That's not ideal but it's better than being behind. Your gift of at least $300 ($25/month) will help to cover all 350 in our program. We have 31 days to raise the $31,200 needed to be caught up through this month.

You can give a one-time donation by clicking the "donate" button below. To become a monthly sponsor you will have to go through the desktop version where you will see the option to "make this recurring".

You can also mail us a check or set us up for monthly donations through your bank's “bill pay” program. We receive 100% of your donation!

Ekubo Ministries
792 Commerce Drive, Suite 102
Alexander City, AL 35010

Ekubo Ministries is a 501(c)(3) organization which means your donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

Thank you for standing with us and encouraging us along the way.

You can follow our journey here:


Tuesday, July 21, 2015

reminded that He sees us

I dropped George off to get his hair cut and I waited in the van. while waiting, our son sent a long list of things needed at home. we are out of everything. rice, beans, soap, cooking oil, salt, bread, the list went on and on. instantly defeated. how can we be half a world away in my Mom's little apartment waiting to go home yet all our money keeps going to just survive? when George came out from getting his hair cut he had some pep in his step. he was so happy to have "all that hair gone" (makes me laugh every single time). and there I was quick to kill his joy.

the man is such a leader. he loves fiercely but if you are doing something wrong he doesn't beat around the bush. he will rebuke you in no minute but always with love. he told me that I am not thanking God enough for what we do have. and I'm not. we have a roof over our heads. a bed. my Mom's van to use. children. that, alone, reduces me to tears. a home in Uganda. family that supports us. friends that support us. people we've never even met who have carried us through our darkest days as a family and ministry. I could write for days but this little area can't hold all our blessings. the biggest blessing is a God who loves us with a love we will never know this side of Heaven.

I dropped him off and headed to our office to fill orders. I started to thank God for all we have and asked Him to keep my eyes focused on that instead of what we don't have. when I pulled up I saw the mailbox on the side of our office door - the one not many people have the address for {we still us our PO box}. inside was a check for our family. a check that covers quite a few things on our list.

humbled again and reminded to PRAISE HIM!!! how has He reminded you today that He sees you?


Saturday, July 18, 2015

as if in slow motion

5 years ago I was visiting Uganda for the first time and something happened to me that I thought only happened in movies. this handsome guy named George, whom I'd only spent 5 days with, pulled into the drive to return me back to the house we were staying at after a long day of us working together and said he had to tell me something. my heart almost stopped. then, as if in slow motion he looked at me and said, "I think I'm falling in love with you." all I heard was Charlie Brown's teacher. I could NOT grab the door handle fast enough. I exited his truck and sprinted inside. what in the world was going on? how was this happening to me? God was happening. and He writes the best stories.


Thursday, July 16, 2015

Maria & her Maama {5 years later}

these 2 are a testament to my faith. they'd been starved and left for dead. a 10lb, 2-year-old baby girl and her Maama. and God called me. ME. I was anything but prepared. I was an ill-equipped new Christian, only having decided to follow Him 7 months before. yet He called me. He called me as His daughter to not just go visit them. He called me to not just go sit with them and leave. He called me into the mess with them - into the hell they were living. He called me to take responsibility for them. the village was abuzz at how stupid I must be. at how lost a cause they were. at how deep in over her head the muzungu had gotten. but I turned a deaf ear and kept my eyes on Jesus.

for 5 years now they have been in our care. we have watched the hand of God reach down and pull them from the ashes. we have seen it. praise God for His faithfulness!


Sunday, July 12, 2015

water is life

we have never had running water in our village. actually when I moved there we didn't even have clean water. we fetched our water from the only few sources we had. the water was full of parasites but when you have no other option a running stomach becomes the norm.

there are 2 seasons - rainy and dry. after the end of the dry season the rainy one never came. these water sources that get replenished during the rainy season were shallow. and the more shallow they were the more filthy they were.

2 back-to-back dry seasons took their toll and, not knowing when the rainy season would return, we raised money for a borehole. it was a slow, eye-opening process. when we can walk through our homes and have our choice of taps to turn and clean water comes out, it is hard to imagine that the whole world didn't have these same luxuries. and a luxury it is.

during the longest, hottest days of the drought when the funds had stopped coming I got an email from a friend I'd met through Facebook. she was no longer able to go on a mission trip she had spent over a year planning and wanted to give all the money she'd saved to us. read the whole story here. blown away!

we hired a team to survey the land and we prayed they'd find the best location to drill there on our compound close to our home. and as God would have it, THEY DID! just steps from our front door! we wrote in the wet cement "bringing Living Water to the thirsty." so many gave and collectively we have been able to provide water for thousands of people from our front yard. but that borehole runs from sunrise to sunset. and it can't serve everyone. so God provided and we drilled another one in 2013!

as I sit here looking through the picture I took today I see so far past what is on my screen. the stories come alive below the surface. the stories of how far we've come. and they bring hope for what's in store.


Wednesday, July 1, 2015

I named him Christian

4 years and 3 months ago we received a call that our friend's wife had failed to give birth at the nearest clinic and they feared she would not make it to a hospital in the city. we jumped in the van and rushed down the bumpy roads some 6 miles away. it felt like forever. we pulled in and she was laid out in the parking lot writhing in pain. we got her in the van and rushed off to the city.

George turned on his hazard lights, laid on the horn so much I thought it might give out, made his own lane dead in the center of the road, and a drive that was usually well over an hour took like 45 minutes. we still have the crack across the windshield where a rock popped up and hit it that night.

at 3am a little boy was born and later on that morning we went back into the city to pick them from the hospital. I walked out of the ward with him and because he was so light and because George was walking beside me, everyone said as we walked by, "I can't believe she gave birth in a place like this." our friend and his wife had a good laugh. I got to carry him all the way home.

when we reached their home they asked a favor of me. it would be another week or so before he would get his Luganda name but they wanted me to give him his English name. but there was a twist. he had to be named after me. I chose Christian.

today I noticed his sister walk by and I wondered how he might look these days - whether or not I would recognize him. the next set of eyes I locked with I knew. it was him!!! my heart soared! I must have taken a picture of him a few days ago but didn't notice him among the others in that class. and I am glad God chose a special time away from all the other children to show me. He gives the best gifts. praise His name!


Tuesday, June 30, 2015

he wasn't supposed to be sitting here

he was a bit shaken that I wanted to come sit so closely to him. we've had lots of problems out of him and his brothers because they used to rather drink and keep their children home from school when we were paying for everything. matter of fact, it's parents like him who made us switch from a one-to-one model where each sponsor has a child to where the money from all sponsors is pooled and we send only the children to school whose parents want to be involved in their children's educations.

he got clean a few years ago and realized he was failing his children. his children were welcomed to come back when school resumed for the new year, if and only if he could fulfill his part of the partnership. each parent has to give something, anything we can use - beans, firewood, maize, etc. - so that they, too, are invested in their child(ren)'s education. despite being a single father, he was doing his part. and he was doing it well.

but then his mother fell sick. they were living with her and she was the one to help look after them when he would be at work. he moved her in with an uncle who lives just a few houses down and when news got around to the girls' mom, whom had already left him, she came for the girls. she does not want them and will bring them back but his brothers took over his mom's house when they heard she had moved out. and they drink. he wants no part of that lifestyle. he is now homeless.

he wasn't supposed to be sitting here. I came to visit with Aminah's maama and he was here visiting. I wanted to hear stories from her about her daughter who is in our choir. I never expected him to be here. he almost got up when I came so close to him. his past is not clean and his future is hopeless. he misses his 2 girls. and it grieves me that, because he is making a positive change in his life, all seems lost for him right now. I left him laughing, after showing him the video of himself falling to the ground while trying to catch the chicken Maama Aminah wanted to give to me. it's a few posts back. I can only offer stories of the love of Jesus. and it breaks my heart but somehow keeps it together at the same time.

Monday, June 29, 2015

loving and being loved right back

we did not reach our goal to have rent paid for tomorrow, one of my eyes is swollen shut, and we got our new shirts in and the inks were not the color I ordered. and you know what? there's not a thing I can do but give it to God. instead of fearing facing the landlord and the possibility of refunding orders from a financial well that has long been dry, I am going to praise God for the day He has given me!

the enemy has already been in my ear for spending my oils paycheck on my flight here. because, you see, he works like that. I usually put most of my check back into the ministry and the enemy hates that but what he hates even worse is for me to pull myself out of postpartum depression and anxiety enough to use it for myself to come see our ministry with a different set of eyes. he hates for God to remind me why He called me here in the first place. he hates to see me hold a girl who almost died in my arms 5 years ago from malnutrition.

he hates that I am interviewing and asking people to share their stories of hopelessness and how God showed Himself to them during those times. he hates that I am doing what I have wanted to do for 5 years - interview them so you hear/read their stories in their own words not some pretty, journalistic view of what I think they must be saying through their photos.

the day started off badly but I listened to our son bring the house down with his sermon on Luke 13:24, whereby he reminded us to strive to enter through the narrow gate. yes, Lord. thank You for that reminder tonight. I had a full day of loving on people and being loved right back. that, brothers and sisters, is the grace of our Lord. goodnight, y'all.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

light broke forth

"Then your light will break forth like the dawn, and your healing will quickly appear; then your righteousness will go before you, and the glory of the Lord will be your rear guard." - Isaiah 58:8


Friday, June 26, 2015

Ekubo Children's Home {fundraiser for rent July - Dec}

yesterday while chatting with our staff at Ekubo Children's Home we were talking about how far we've come. we recalled so many things the Lord has done - one being the time when we were 2 days away from being evicted and God brought in the funds just in time.

and then it hit me. like a ton of bricks. I kept smiling but my brain was screaming, "nooooo!" it's June! how in the world did that happen? we were 2.5 months late with rent and that's why it feels like we JUST paid it. how could I forget that it's due in just a few days? I did not come here to work. I came here to visit. to see how God might refresh my Spirit. to see how God might have me continue.

here's where you come in! we have a lot of catching up to do to pay salaries, buy all the things needed for the children in our care - children like Ghaddafi and Peace and Mercy here with Maama Sofia {their caregiver}. but first, RENT! 6 months has to be paid at a time and it's usually $3600 but because of the exchange rate it is now $3000. could I be so bold as to ask you to help us reach that goal within the next few days? I have some sweet pictures I'm gonna use to update you as the funds come in. let's do this!

update {June 28th}:

update {June 30th}:

update {July 1st}:

update {July 2nd}:

we can't thank you enough for joining us in providing a safe haven for the children in our care! may God bless each and every one of you who have and continue to partner with us to provide them love and support!


Thursday, June 25, 2015

he put me on a plane

on Monday I left America alone. just like I did 5 years ago. my sweet husband put me on a plane and told me not to go home but to go to Uganda as a visitor. I arrived at the airport in Atlanta on time, there was one person in front of me in security, my gate was the first one past security, and on each of the 8 hr flights I had an empty seat beside me. I got into the country and my dependent pass had expired and I had to pay $50 for a visitor visa. I had trouble getting my phone to switch countries. I got to our house all sweaty but we have pre-paid electricity and didn't have enough on our meter to even prepare hot water for a shower. I felt like a visitor in so many ways.

I went to our ministry the next morning and our new headmaster, whom I had not yet met, gave me a tour of our compound. he showed me all the buildings we've built and even our borehole which we drilled. I smiled inside knowing how much love and sacrificial giving it took to get those bricks up and, despite being in the middle of a drought and then the political riots that shut down the city, waiting on funds to drill that borehole. I smiled because he knows who I am yet wanted to be sure he did his work well and showed me everything. so many showed up to welcome me home.

God knew I needed to see it with a new set of eyes. the eyes of a visitor. the eyes of someone who just sees the good - the surface of life here. on the way to the airport, just as I did 5 years ago almost to the day, I put myself on the altar. I am having a blast and I am so thankful that when my check arrived from Young Living - a check that was going straight into our account to get us home - my husband gave me just a few hours to get my things together while he bought my ticket. had I hesitated I wouldn't have "wasted my money on myself." today I hung out with our staff at Ekubo Children's Home. not as a leader but as a visitor. connecting with them in a setting where they felt no pressure. we took beautiful photos and we laughed so much our cheeks hurt. they said it was the best day they've had in a long time.

I feel so free here. so encouraged. so ready to take back what God has been trying to give me that I thought the enemy had stolen. thank you for loving and supporting me as I walk this journey.

Monday, June 22, 2015

I am not tired

5 years ago as I prepared for my first trip to Uganda I put myself on the altar and asked God to use me. and He did. He does. every day. I have made so many mistakes but the biggest one is putting our ministry above our family. I have almost ripped our family apart to keep other families together. I didn't take seriously the role He gave me as a wife and mother. I have poured myself into our ministry in our community without first pouring myself into the ministry in our living room.

we have been in the US for 9 months now as we try to figure out where He is leading. the funding is not there to continue and this ministry needs to be put back at the feet of Jesus. the people who love what we do need to step up and own it. then I get defeated all over again and beg God to just give me the go ahead. I have enough ministry without leaving our home. but He says, no. I am not finished. you just keep on loving and let Me lead." days go by and there is not enough money for food or salaries or charcoal or soap or salt or sugar. I beg Him. "I am tired, Lord. if you don't provide doesn't that mean my work is done? if so I will do the part that rips me to pieces." but He replies, "I am not tired," and He just calls me deeper.

I have no breath left to swim out deeper. He gives me all the air I need. He keeps saying "trust Me." as the postpartum depression and anxiety threaten to swallow me for days and months on end, I can't help but cling to Him. for I have seen His miracles. I have seen Him take a broken girl's obedience and use it in ways I never could have dreamed. I can't look away but I am wounded. I am on the altar yet again. taking a bold, brave step toward healing today. will y'all journey with me?

Sunday, March 29, 2015

$18k in 18 days {double your donation}

Have you ever noticed the excitement of an engagement? What about how people will drop everything to make it to the wedding of people they hardly know? Or how about the sheer joy that comes with a baby announcement and even more so the hope and promise that comes with the birth? Oh, no one can contain that excitement!

It's exactly what happens when you start a ministry. People jump in with both feet at the very thought of something new. They give. They share your links. They get involved. They get their families involved. They get their neighbors involved. And their neighbors' friend's cousin's sister. You get overwhelmed just with the people that want to help and you haven't even left America yet. You get there and, in addition to becoming a wife and a mother to several children within the first few months and leading an NGO {non-government organization} in a country and culture that you are not familiar with, you start living life in fast-forward. And when the new wears off and real life sets in, it's a struggle. I mean, who checks in 6 months after the couple announces their engagement? Who asks how life is for the couple that is 2 years into their marriage? Where did all the meals go for the family that settles into life with their newborn and even more so, when those cute baby pictures stop flowing and the child grows into "just another toddler" and the family really could use all those babysitting offers that came at birth, where is everyone?

Friends, that's us. That's our ministry. The momentum has long died off. The constant support has slowed. Almost to a screeching halt. The fun is gone. The excitement is not there. Along with it, we lost our joy in the process. Real life came crashing in and we are exhausted. But who wants to hear that? Who wants to hear that they're supporting a ministry that is struggling to keep its doors open? A ministry that, unbeknownst to them, invited the enemy into their camp 3 years ago and are trying to rebuild the damage that was done. Nobody wants to hear the real story. We are a culture that demands the polished version because the raw one has too much drama. We want the hope in Christ but want to forget His sacrifice. We want the excitement of the newness without remembering what it took to get there. We want encouragement and inspiration without acknowledging the suffering.

What we, as a ministry, are doing is living out some of our deepest struggles and pains right here before everyone. And while our deepest joy comes on the other side of that, you are here with us witnessing the hard parts. We don't know how long until that breakthrough but we God promised it is coming. So yes, we probably should have closed our doors a long time ago. That is the reality. But that's man's reality. God's truth is that He is using every trial. Every struggle. He has not failed to provide for everything He called us to. No, not everything we thought He had asked of us, but everything He needed us to accomplish has been fully funded. He used people to come alongside us and just as soon as they were there they were gone. Like a gift from our Father that we only see a glimpse of but their support - their seed - is used to strengthen our foundation and we are seeing the fruit of their gift even now. In addition to those from the beginning are the ones God has brought for a longer time to continue this journey with us. 

Friends, we need your help to continue. In addition to prayers, we have an urgent need for committed donors. This can be monthly or if you'd rather give, for example, your donation of $300/year to sponsor our school as a one-time donation, that is what we need. The commitment is what we are asking of you. The relationship. The connection. The fellowship. 

Last month we shared with you our need for sponsors for the 2015 Ekubo Christian Academy school year. While pouring all of my spare time in to fundraising for this, we fell behind on funding for the other programs we have running - Ekubo Children's Home, Ekubo Cross Clinic and Ekubo Leadership & Discipleship Academy. Here's where we are with all programs:

School: We got off to a great start and, including our faithful sponsors from the past few years, we have 40 of the 350 needed. After you shake out the numbers we need about 29 sponsors a month to keep our school open. However, because we need the month's funding at the beginning of each month, right now we need 116 sponsors to catch up and also buy what is needed for the children to operate through April.

Children's Home: We have $1200/month coming in of the $8000/month needed. We can no longer accept referrals of any children, nor can we continue investigations into the stories of any of the children currently in our care. Right now we are doing all we can to pay salaries of those caring for the children and keeping rent paid, which is paid 6 months up front. We can continue when our funding is more secure.

Clinic: Sponsorship for the school covers some medical care for the children but some need care above and beyond what is covered. In addition to the children, our clinic is where the community comes for care. In an effort for us to not create dependence, we do charge a small fee for families that can afford it. For some of the larger families, widows, and/or vulnerable families, we need support to treat them. We need $1200 in committed monthly support to continue to serve the school and those in our community.

Leadership & Discipleship Academy: Last year we were able to educate, empower and immobilize 45 pastors. Due to funding, we have chosen 10 of those pastors whom we can really pour into and they can then train the other pastors. We need $800 in committed monthly support to continue this program.

2 beautiful families that support us in so many ways have generously offered to match all *NEW* donations up to $18,000 through April 30th!!!

We need to get our momentum back. We need to stop surviving and start thriving. We need to trust God when it makes no sense to the rest of the world. We need to step back and allow Him to grow our faith when the world says to hunker down and protect ourselves from the pain that growth brings. Would you join us? If we can raise $18,000 in 18 days, they will match it and we will have $36,000!!! If you have been meaning to give or increase your monthly commitment, now is the time!

Maybe you're a teacher and you could prayerfully consider sponsoring our school for $25/month. If you put this need out to other teachers in your school, who knows the impact. Maybe you're passionate about orphan care, orphan prevention, and keep families together. We could use your support at our children's home. Maybe you're a nurse, a doctor, or are passionate about medical care. Maybe you have a loved one who has a lot of medical needs and you could prayerfully consider supporting our clinic. Maybe you want to join us in empowering a pastor to then train another, furthering our impact for His Kingdom. Could you sponsor a pastor for $100/month? If you can only commit to $50/month, could you ask a friend to go in with you? Your small group? Your Sunday School class? Could you put this need before your church?

Ekubo Ministries is a 501(c)(3) organization which means your donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

You can give a one-time donation or become a monthly sponsor by accessing these links through the desktop site, not the mobile one, and clicking "make this recurring" to any of the following areas of need:

Where Most Needed

Ekubo Christian Academy

Ekubo Children's Home

Checks can be sent to:

Ekubo Ministries
PO Box 2156
Alexander City, AL 35011

You can follow our journey here:
You can support us through your purchases in our Etsy shop:


Praise God for His provision! We are so encouraged by those of you that stepped out in obedience to join us on this journey!


Friday, February 13, 2015

Ekubo Christian Academy {sponsor a child for the 2015 school year}

The 2015 school year has started and we are excited about the changes we made last year to our sponsorship program. In 2013 less than half of the students at Ekubo Christian Academy were never fully sponsored. Some were covered for a month, some for 3 months, but the majority never received support past 6 months. One class only had 8/34 students that received full support. It is impossible to pay a teacher when only 8 of his/her students' tuitions come in. This story played out in each classroom and all the students in some classes should have been sent home after 6 months. But we couldn't. Times are tough and money is tight. No one understands that better than us. We know what it's like to be down to one meal a day. We do. But something had to give.

Last year we switched our sponsorship program for Ekubo Christian Academy from a one-to-one model to a model where all funds given allows us to cover all 320 children. Our sponsors were not only excited about the change but this change has made a huge impact in our community. Now families are no longer fighting amongst themselves because one's child was sponsored and the other's wasn't. It has brought back a sense of community - we all trust God to provide for all or none.

When you sponsor, your monthly gift not only goes toward the children's education but their physical and spiritual needs as well. This change doesn't just stay at school. Those children take that education home with them and more and more of their siblings that are not in school yet are learning English. Parents now approach me and can speak English! You'd think we've been teaching them as well. Parents are so encouraged to see how their children's health has improved by us having a nurse on staff and a clinic right beside the school that is available to them at all times. 

Friends, families are changing because of the Gospel. Please pray about joining us in pouring into the next generation. 

Our sponsorship program is open and we need your support. Sponsorship provides spiritual discipleship, medical care, tuition, 2 nutritious meals per day, uniforms and school supplies. We will send sponsors updates of different children throughout the year.

Your gift of at least $300/year ($25/month) helps to provide for 350 children. You can give a one-time donation by clicking the "donate" button below. To become a monthly sponsor you will have to go through the desktop version where you will see the option to "make this recurring".

You can also mail us a check or set us up for monthly donations through your bank's “bill pay” program. We receive 100% of your donation!

Ekubo Ministries
792 Commerce Drive, Suite 102
Alexander City, AL 35010

Ekubo Ministries is a 501(c)(3) organization which means your donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

Thank you for standing with us and encouraging us along the way.

You can follow our journey here:

You can support us through your purchases
in our Etsy shop:

***JULY 1 - 116/350 SPONSORED


Saturday, January 3, 2015

anniversary with our Savior + His sweet gift

5 years ago today, y'all. 5 years ago I turned from myself and gave my life to Jesus. Almost immediately I felt Him call me to GO. Go where? I had no idea. Besides, wasn't this supposed to happen after I knew the Bible backwards and forwards? No? OK, then how do I begin? My new church told me I had to take classes to go on a one week mission trip. All of my new Facebook friends were going through a mission-sending agency so I applied. And bam. Denied. I didn't have a reference letter from my pastor. My pastor? I was new to this whole church thing. I explained that and was told, "maybe next year." I struggled for a couple months but it seemed like a lifetime. Long days. Sleepless nights. No matter where I turned, someone wanted something in order for me to serve. Surely He wouldn't have all these prerequisites. I heard Him loud and clear. He. Said. Go. Those doors He closed? They were heartbreaking. But that door to Uganda and to meet my future husband was more than I could have asked for. A door into a family He created just for us was worth every step to get there. And still is.

This last year has tested my faith more than any other. Tested my faith? It about killed me. I have never been so low in my walk with Him. So much trauma to my heart. So much loss. We lost my step-mother late last year and my grandmother at the beginning of January. Later that month we lost George's grandmother. We unknowingly invited the enemy into our camp and the hell we'd endured for 2 years was just getting started. Our entire ministry was flipped upside down. The years of relationship-building and mentoring were shattered because someone else came in with an agenda. Just because someone saw Jesus at work and wanted to try to profit from it. Our property and everything we built was almost bought out from under us. We saw corruption at a personal level. Our lives were threatened - repeatedly. We lost children. Our own because of Witchcraft strongholds and corruption. One even tried to poison us. And foster children because we were finding their parents and attempting to resettle them and that was threatening to corrupt officials. We had to uproot and relocate our children's home so that we could continue the work He called us to. We had to uproot and move our family. Everything we knew was shattered. We had to start all over. So much more I can't share because it risks our safety. We fought a good fight and refused to pay a dime for justice. I will always look back at this time and be proud of what we stand for. Always. Sadly, the enemy thinks he won. But he also thought he killed Jesus. Jesus is not done. He was with us every step of the way this year and we moved when He said fight - when we gave it all we had and couldn't see our hands in front of our faces. And we stood still when it was His turn to let us have a glimpse at His plan. We could have had a smoother year but we refused to be part of the problem. We are part of the solution. It is our honor to give a voice to the voiceless. We are humbled to bring Living Water to the thirsty. But that comes with a cost. And even now, I wonder how much more my heart can take.

He promises so much, you know? And when we're in the light, we feel His promises. His faithfulness. We think He's good. No one ever questions God when they're in the light. But then the trials come. The darkness. The attacks. Where has He gone? We struggle. We "find" Him, as if He ever left. We cling to Him. And while we can't pretend to know why, He has us there. During our struggles, we cry out to Him. We think something's changed about Him. That He's no longer quite so good to allow this. "How could you do this? Why is this happening?" Everyone's questions are different but they're all the same. We're questioning the One who doesn't owe us an explanation. May we not forget those promises in the darkness. Praising a God who never changes for the better because He's always good. And to be in a relationship with Him requires so much from us. It requires us to put ourselves on the altar. To pour ourselves out and have Him refill us with more of Himself. That ain't for the weak, y'all. The Gospel. It's powerful. But it's no good if we keep it to ourselves. I want to encourage each of you to share it with someone. You never know when you will be that ONE person in their lives that took time to tell them of a Savior Who gave it all so that they could gain an Eternity. Follow after Him. All you need, He will give. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life!

5 years, y'all. It feels like it was yesterday and a thousand years ago all at the same time. He always invites me on these wild rides. Nothing is ever calm with Him. In my last attempt at some sort of sanity, I created a fundraiser at the beginning of September. Because of the constant threats to us coupled with my ability to pull people from the woodwork with their judgement about how many children we have, I chose not to share about our newest blessing - our baby girl. Everyone except Godfrey, Viola and Ritah had tickets already - return tickets from when we left the US in March. God blew us away when a friend donated the majority of their airfare and made me PROMISE to use it for our family. Their family has walked with us through so much and have been there to encourage us every step of the way. BUT they didn't know of our need for airfare. God had provided. And at the very last minute. Our family had been through so much trauma that we needed to come for the birth but not just for that. We needed to come for healing. I could write an entire blog post on the opposition we faced just trying to get visas and get prepared to leave. I created the fundraiser so I could give my family what they needed - their wife, their Maama. They needed me. But the warfare almost killed me. I was a wreck - both physically, emotionally and spiritually. I had nothing left to give and as I waddled through the airport and got on that plane, I breathed a sigh of relief. As we watched the city lights get smaller and smaller as we climbed in altitude I wondered if I could ever return. I did. I still do.

I have no idea how we made it to the US. I was 8 months pregnant with 4 kids in tow. 2 babies and 2 daughters that had never really been outside our village. Every sense of life they had was blown wide open as they tried to take in things we never prepared them for. And when we got settled here all hell broke loose. I saw sides of them that I never knew. They boasted around and pride spewed all over the place. They tried to mimic what they saw other children doing - things that are not and will not ever be allowed in our home. But we weren't in our home. We were with my Mom and we were allowed to stay as overnight guests for 2 weeks before we'd be asked by management to leave. I had 2 big attitudes on my hands, 2 little boys and a baby growing inside me that had put me on bed rest, and a husband 7900 miles away. I couldn't have been a bigger wreck. And that fundraiser? It wasn't moving. Matter of fact, when people saw that we came to America - all 5 of us carrying our big smiles - donations stopped. We even had people stop sponsoring our family. I sank even lower. Life changed for us - we were here where it was safe. But life for George didn't get better. He was left to fight without me by his side. We are everything to each other apart from Jesus. We don't function well without the other. Days were long and hard and sometimes we couldn't even speak to each other without crying the entire time.

He came back just in time for Amaris' birth and then had to return home. We had major complications during delivery that would delay healing for 4 weeks. This is not what I had planned on. I was supposed to bounce right back after the normal healing time. How was I able to "be present" when all I could do was survive? The ministry needs were suffocating but so were the needs of our family. I kept thinking that if I could just get this fundraiser done, I could stop spinning out of control. I could "be present". I could stop telling them to hold on, to wait just a minute or to turn the TV to something to keep them occupied. We needed to reach our goal before the end of the year to finish the year debt free. As the needs piled up, the funds trickled in. As the year came to an end we were just over halfway. Do you even know what that means? That means we were weeks behind. Borrowing from this one and that one to buy food. Salaries went unpaid. Our staff was holding on because they believe in us - believe in the work He is doing in and through us. Unexpected expenses were rolling in - ones that weren't even included in the budget. And when we thought we'd put out the last fire, we realized we had just a few days left.

We gathered for our family's Christmas at my sister's house and right as we sat down to eat we received word from home that our nephew passed away. I cried out to Jesus. Not so much in grief for that particular blow but for all of it. I wanted 2014 to end and I wanted it to end immediately. I could take no more. But He wasn't finished asking me to bend low. By the time I came up for air it was New Year's Eve. I awoke to some startling news that would leave me about 3 minutes to pull myself together and get on the road to go find someone I love so deeply and help them out of a very traumatic experience. Life almost slipped from our grasp and I posted this that night:

"today I had big plans. I was going to focus solely on our fundraiser as this
is the last day. I was going to do hourly updates and do a huge giveaway
in hopes that y'all would repost our need.

tonight as I sit in the ER standing in the gap for someone I love who is too
weak to stand for herself I am reminded that God doesn't need my constant
updates. He doesn't need me to remind y'all that we have needs in Uganda.
He doesn't need me to give anything away so y'all help spread the word.

the purpose of my fundraiser was so I could "be present". and I have not
been. until tonight. this is where He needs me. surely not where I want to
be but where He needs me. this is no surprise to Him."

There was one last check left to come in from a family that has been to our ministry and seen first-hand what we do. I did not know the amount though. Today is Saturday and I kept meaning to get to the post office to get a notification that I saw in our PO box but left there so I wouldn't lose it. George asked if I would take him to the store to get some potatoes and tomatoes so he could cook us some soup like he does back home. On our way to get gas we let some of our frustration out and I was about in tears. I didn't want to go check the mail and I didn't want to go to the store. I just wanted to go back to Mom's and cry myself to sleep. Then He reminded me what today is. I drove and silently and reflected on this year. And I was fighting mad. Why do we continue to struggle? Why are we taking debt into the new year. It's Jan 3rd and we are now 3 days into the year and our monthly support, which comes in all throughout the month, isn't even enough to cover more than a week of operations. Why are we always in this position? We give our all. We do. Everything. But what if we aren't giving ourselves? What if we aren't pouring into our first ministry - our family - before we pour into our community?

I got out of the van in the pouring rain and walked slowly into the post office. I was grumpy because I stepped in a huge puddle of water and it covered my shoes and soaked the bottom of my skirt - my faithful flip flops that have carried me through another pregnancy and my skirt that needs replacing with winter clothes. Winter clothes that I haven't bought because we have sent all our money back home and I hope to get a few more {dozen} pounds off before I go shopping. I put the key in the box and my eyes first met the package notification I had left in there. Then I saw a white envelope that I knew only He had placed in there for such a time as this - my 5th year anniversary with Him. I knew it wasn't another Christmas card or bill. I knew as I slid my fingers along the top to open it. I knew. And just like that, he blessed us with the best anniversary gift I could have ever opened - His provision. Even the ATM couldn't read the amount so I had to manually key it in. And just like that our fundraiser is fully funded with enough to meet those needs that came in after I'd set the goal. To God be the glory!

We are OVERWHELMED with the outpouring of support. We have watched His body rise up and do what it was created to do - work together to further His Kingdom. We have a lot of work left to do and we need more stable support - more monthly sponsors so we even know how to begin rebuilding this year. We can do the physical work but we need you to financially partner with us to get it done. We are in prayer that you will continue to join us.